Your own stretch of shore

You go through the garden gate, cross the village road and arrive at the lakeside. It is just 50 metres from house to lake. The Franzerl’s lakeside plot too is available to you on a private and exclusive basis.

On the large jetty, you will find plenty of opportunities to sit and lie down – either in the sun or in semi-shade.

5 steps lead down into the unique white and blue waters of Lake Weissensee. Here, you will stand knee-deep on a soft gravel bed in the clearest swimming water of the Alps; just a few steps further and you reach swimming depth.

The lakeside cabin is also available for your exclusive use. Not only will you find a WC and shower there:

On cool days, you can relax on a daybed in the cabin, and whenever you look up from your book you can see the water of the lake smiling at you. You will also find a drinks fridge, coffee machine and kettle in the cabin.

Due to nature conservation regulations, the cabin may unfortunately not be used overnight. However, this rule has helped to keep the lakeside uniquely unspoilt, transparent and undeveloped ever since the last century.

To explore the lake, we make a rowing boat and two canoes available. We would particularly recommend a canoe trip along the Laka walls: just you and nature, no path – not even a hiking trail – disturbs the unique lake shore.

Im Franzerl floorplan – lakeside cabin

Im Franzerl floorplan – ground floor

Im Franzerl floorplan – top floor

Im Franzerl floorplan – first floor